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TOP-PCR kit (cfDNA amplification)

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full-length, unbiased, minute DNA amplification

Only one cleanup step is required!

Suitable for precious sample amplification

Backup for DNA sample


Cell-free DNA (cfDNA) sequencing is a powerful noninvasive approach for the diagnosis of diseases, genetic defects and infectious agents. However, numerous clinical samples are either at low quantity or of poor quality due to various reasons.

To overcome these problems, we have developed T oligo-primed polymerase chain reaction (TOP-PCR) for full-length unbiased amplification of minute DNA samples. Results have shown that TOP-PCR is a superior method over the method used by Illumina for DNA amplification.


Spec of TOP-PCR:

TOP-PCR_spec_Eng (without protocol)_頁面_1

TOP-PCR_spec_Eng (without protocol)_頁面_2

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