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Laboratory moderator
Chiu, Kuo-Ping

Email: chiukp@gate.sinica.edu.tw
Telephone: +886-2-27871257

Eukaryotic Gene Expression Regulation: Cancer biology

Cancer is a fascinating subject for studying gene expression and regulation in the eukaryotic system. The complexity of cancer, and many other diseases, requires a systematic and genome-wide approach, so to improve the reliability of results and to help identify the missing links in the cascade of gene expression regulation. We have setup a biotechnology-based sequencing platform at Genomics Research Center, which works closely with the TechComm sequencing facility at the National Taiwan University campus. These sequencing platforms are linked to multiple bioinformatics pipelines for various types of sequence data analysis. Besides cancer biology, we are also working on biotechnology development, anti-cancer mechanism of A. cinnamomea, developmental reprogramming, and a number of collaborative projects, including studies of cancer stem cell (CSC) transcriptomes, early onset breast cancer (EOBC), T-cell tolerance, and micro-RNAs.
Research collaborations are not limited within Academia Sinica. The idea is to facilitate Genomics researches by taking practical actions and by realistic sharing of sequencing experiences and software applications. Through broad connections and collaborations, we would like to help facilitate the study of Genomics and basic sciences and to strengthen the education system.

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